letter to my roommate

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Dear roomie,

I hope you are having a fun time out on that island in the ocean that you are on near Florida. I can’t wait to hear all your stories about what life is like there where the natives speak in clicks.

Things have been real great here! We have a new neighbor, Spike, who is very friendly and likes to come over a lot to play “hide and seek” with these people he calls “coppers.” It’s a fun game. Spike has a cousin named Amber, who, poor girl, needed a place to stay because her old  house exploded. I knew you wouldn’t mind, so I let her sleep in your bed. Don’t worry, she has kept it sparkling clean. And her only pets are these things she called “bed bugs,” which don’t have fur, so you shouldn’t be allergic. Cute little buggers!

Anyway, otherwise, things have been quiet at the office. Well, that’s because Allison and Sam went star gazing in the Himalaya and Steve decided to do a year-long world tour with Peggy. Alycia has been home with Tom, who kept getting his claws stuck in the curtains. NBD. I have been holding down the fort. I started this new initiative called Free Mission Trip Fridays where I give out free trips every Friday. It’s been a real hit!

Well, I will see you when I pick you up from the airport on Sunday.

Your roomie

P.S. Don’t worry. I know you come in on Saturday.


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