what i love

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smelling flower

I love laying in the grass in the sun.

I love laying on the beach in the sun.

I like hot chocolate, a book and a blanket on a rainy day. I love it when it really pours.

I wait every spring until I can wear flip-flops, and I love wearing them with shorts best.

I like blasting music when I clean. I like blasting music when I drive. I love music.

I love surprises. Little ones. Big ones. I’m not picky, as long as they are good.

I like lilacs and Gerber daisies, the orange and plum and bright pink ones.

I love going home. I love the feeling of anticipation as I catch sight of the lake and the airplane descends between the shoulders of pine-tree draped mountains.

I love water. My favorite kinds are lakes and rivers with swimming holes carved out of granite. But I have a soft spot for the ocean too.

I love a run on a good day. One where my breath comes easy and I feel like I can run forever.

I love the feeling after exercise, the saltiness of sweat and the clearness of my head.

I like barbecues and campfires. I like them best if they occur while camping.

I love seeing the trees of a forest from a snowboard on a powder day, with a fan of snow feathering off my back edge. I love defrosting in the lodge at lunch.

I really like soup.

I love the feeling of piano keys beneath my fingers — particularly when they are attached to the long strings of a baby grand.

I like writing, often about something sad. Not that I like being sad, but I like to explore heartache with words.

I love other cultures and other languages. I want to see the whole world. Twice.

I love seeing God change lives. I love it when He changes mine. I love missions for both of those reasons.

I love sunsets and thunderstorms.

I love hiking to mountaintops and drinking in stunning views.

I love girls nights. My favorites are the ones where we laugh ourselves silly and talk about outrageous stuff I could never repeat.

I like giggling. I like being tickled, even when I act like I don’t.

I love intimate prayer times with God. I love it when one verse echos through my week in different ways and directly applies to whatever is going on in my life.

I like dresses and heels.

There is something about a latte made right — extra hot with caramel syrup.

I like romance. Not the sappy kind. The sweet, thoughtful little things. And occasionally, the stunning, unexpected big things. I think being pursued is every girl’s weak spot, if it’s the right guy, and sometimes when it’s not.

I love kissing.

I like scarves and mittens on frosty mornings.

I love fireplaces on cold nights.

I love milk and cookies and chocolate and cheesecake and ice cream.

I love sleeping in — the delicious feeling of semi-consciousness upon waking up and not having to get up.

I like people watching. I really like people.

I like white Christmases.

I like a lot of other things.

When I think about it, I like living.


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