what i’ve learned

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I’ve learned that travel is necessary.
I’ve learned some friends last only as long as your proximity to them.
I’ve learned others persist regardless of distance.
I’ve learned the concise equation of passive voice.
I’ve decided love is a choice. The kind that overwhelms without that decision is fleeting.
I’ve learned to bake chocolate chip cookies.
I am certain there is a God.
I’ve learned his most-often chosen tool for shaping us is time.
I’ve learned that time is flexible, sometimes speeding up, while others seeming to move like drips of water.
I’ve learned there are a few places that are always cold: movie theaters, air planes and ice cream parlors.
I’ve learned we are always waiting for something.
I am convinced a smile is more powerful than a slap.
I have seen that love does not conquer all, at least not the kind humans are capable of.
I’ve learned that men don’t understand women, women don’t understand men, and they both don’t understand God.
I’ve learned to shower in under three minutes.
I’ve learned we are all capable of hurting each other deeply if we are not careful.
I’ve seen what happens when we forget that.
I am trying to learn to listen.
I’ve learned real listening takes effort.
I’ve learned there is power in both brevity and vulnerability.
I’ve learned that until I die, I will never stop learning.


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